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Curved Pop-Ups (Single-Sided)


This Curved Pop-Up Stand is very popular due to it's customisable graphic design, commonly bought as a premium medium to large sized display stand. Its curved exterior adds for an enclosed feel.

The stand and graphics are stored in a moulded plastic wheeled carry case, supplied with a wooden top which can act as a work stand or plinth at your event. This can stand can, as an optional extra be branded with your graphics.

  • Available in five sizes
  • Includes bespoke-printed graphic (split into panels) on semi-rigid, anti-scratch, light-stop, 500 micron CrystalFlex material
  • Magnetic bars come pre-fixed to your printed artwork
  • Moulded and wheeled carry case for portability
  • Includes wooden tabletop for carry case
  • Includes two halogen lights
  • Supplied ready to use (simple 15-minute setup)


Name 1×3 2×3 3×3 4×3 5×3
Overall Width 1240mm 1930mm 2540mm 3070mm 3430mm
Overall Height 2235mm 2235mm 2235mm 2235mm 2235mm
Overall Depth 306mm 485mm 685mm 960mm 1280mm
Graphic Width 2019mm 2692mm 3365mm 4038mm 4711mm
Graphic Height 2235mm 2235mm 2235mm 2235mm 2235mm
Graphic Panels 3 4 5 6 7
Weight - - 30kg - -

Downloads and Files

File Size Download
Pop-Up Curved Single-Sided 1X3 (2019mm X 2235mm) Template 2.5mb
Pop-Up Curved Single-Sided 2X3 (2692mm X 2235mm) Template 2.8mb
Pop-Up Curved Single-Sided 3X3 (3365mm X 2235mm) Template 2.6mb
Pop-Up Curved Single-Sided 4X3 (4038mm X 2235mm) Template 2.6mb
Pop-Up Curved Single-Sided 5X3 (4711mm X 2235mm) Template 2.3mb
Spec-Sheet Curved Pop-Up Exhibition-Display 0.4mb